Second International Conference on Order, Algebra, and Logics:
honoring Ralph McKenzie, Hiroakira Ono, and Andrzej Wroński

The invited lectures:

and the contributed talks (in no particular order):

Bernd Schroeder 
Starting the Endgame for the Reconstruction Problem for Ordered Sets?
Rostislav Horcik and Nikolaos Galatos 
Generalization of Holland’s Theorem for Residuated Lattices
Marcel Jackson and Belinda Trotta 
Irredundant axiomatisability, continuous colourability and constraint satisfaction
Sergejs Solovjovs 
Algebraically-topological systems
Umberto Rivieccio and Ramon Jansana 
Residuated bilattices
John Harding and Mirko Navara 
Algebras characterized by their lattices of subalgebras
David Fernández 
Unmeasurable semantics for Modal Logic: Epistemic Logic meets the Continuum Hypothesis
Michael Winter 
Mereotopological Aspects of Stonian p-Ortholattices
James Raftery 
Contextual deduction theorems
Jiri Rachunek 
State operators on generalizations of algebras of fuzzy logics
Matthew Smedberg 
Subdirectly Irreducible Monogenerated Left-Distributive Groupoids
Josep Maria Font 
Leibniz-linked pairs of deductive systems
Janis Cirulis 
Glivenko operators on Hilbert algebras
Benjamin Wells 
Pseudorecursive Properties of Spectra
Kamilla Kátai-Urbán, Gábor Horváth, Péter Pál Pach, Gabriella Pluhár, András Pongrácz and Csaba Szabó 
Iterated semidirect product of semilattices
Janusz M. Czelakowski 
Triangular irreducibility of congruences in quasivarieties
Gabor Horvath 
The complexity of solving equations over finite rings
Brian Davey, Miroslav Haviar and Jane Pitkethly 
Full dualisability is independent of the generating algebra
Mariusz Grech 
Better-quasi-orderings in the varieties of equational theories of semigroups
Andrea Pedrini 
Valuation theory for vector lattices, and the Euler-Poincar\'e characteristic
Francesco Paoli, Antonio Ledda, Antonino Salibra and Tomasz Kowalski 
Boolean algebras of arbitrary similarity type
Antonio Ledda, Francesco Paoli, Matthew Spinks and Tomasz Kowalski 
Quasi-subtractive varieties, II
Erkko Lehtonen 
Partial orders and equivalences induced by clones, especially by Post's classes
Joel Berman 
Maximal-sized n-generated subdirect powers
John Harding, Carol Walker and Elbert Walker 
Kalle Kaarli 
Categorical equivalence of finite minimal majority algebras
Miroslav Ploščica 
Finite congruence lattices and special embeddings of graphs
Simon Goberstein 
Lattice Isomorphisms of Orthodox Semigroups
Topaz Dent, Keith Kearnes and Agnes Szendrei 
An Easy Test For Congruence Modularity
Felix Bou 
Monadic Predicate Lukasiewicz Logic, Part 2: Undecidability
Ken-Etsu Fujita and Toshihiko Kurata 
On Duality Between Kripke Models and Lattice Theoretical Models of Second Order Intuitionistic Propositional Logic
Nobu-Yuki Suzuki 
Predicate Intuitionistic Epistemic Logics Arising from Game Theory
Nobu-Yuki Suzuki 
A Note on a Variant of Weak Term Existence Property in Super-Intuitionistic Predicate Logics
Leonardo Manuel Cabrer and Manuela Busaniche 
Combinatorics on Mono-dimensional MV-algebras
Martin Víta 
Uniform Spaces and Uniform Topologies on Algebras of Protoalgebraic Logics
Qifu Sun and Shuo-Yen Li 
Lattice classification by cut-through coding in engineering
Jan Kühr 
On lateral completions of pseudo-BCK-algebras
David Stanovsky 
Subdirectly irreducible algebras in a class of strongly solvable modes
Marina Semenova and Anna Zamojska-Dzienio 
A reduction theorem for pseudo-quasivariety lattices
Gabor Czedli and E. Tamas Schmidt 
The visual structure of planar semimodular lattices
Agi Kurucz, Yoshihito Tanaka, Frank Wolter and Michael Zakharyaschev 
Conservativity of Boolean algebras with operators over semilattices with operators
Mike Behrisch 
How to find nonrefinable covers in finite algebras
Petr Cintula and Carles Noguera 
The hierarchy of implicational and order algebraizable logics
Sebastian Kerkhoff 
A General Duality Theory for Clones
Anvar Nurakunov 
On complexity of lattices of quasivarieties
Michael Pinsker and Saharon Shelah 
Universality of the lattice of permutation groups
Jacek Krzaczkowski 
Some results on solving equations over finite algebras
Katarzyna Słomczyńska 
Unification and projectivity in Fregean varieties
Andrew Craig, Miroslav Haviar and Hilary A. Priestley 
A fresh perspective on canonical extensions for bounded lattices
Tommaso Cortonesi, Enrico Marchioni and Franco Montagna 
Model-theoretic properties of BL-algebras
Wojciech Dzik and Piotr Wojtylak 
Wroński's theorem on projective unification in intermediate and modal logics
Katarzyna Grygiel, Pawel Idziak and Marek Zaionc 
How big is BCI fragment of BCK logic
Sam Van Gool 
Constructing the free algebra for a logic step-by-step using partial algebras and duality