Second International Conference on Order, Algebra, and Logics:
honoring Ralph McKenzie, Hiroakira Ono, and Andrzej Wroński

The organizers do not provide accommodation during the conference.

The following hotels offer a limited number of rooms at discount rates. These rates are available till the end of April. All the rates are in polish zlotys and the approximate exchange rates can be found here. To obtain the discount mention "Conference AOL 2011".

Hotel Sympozjum is a 15 minutes walk, or a one-stop bus ride from the conference site:

Hotel Ruczaj is also a 15 minutes walk. No bus connection available:

Hostel Nawojka is a budget option located further from campus (but closer to the center of Krakow). Getting to the conference site requires 25-30 minutes bus ride. The hostel offers double and triple rooms 120-150 zlotys per room (no breakfast included).